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Working in the meat processing industry, but employed by Centauros Flex Services Maastricht BV

We are regularly seeking experienced:

  • Slaughtermen (beef/calf, pig)
  • Boners (beef/calf, pig)
  • Slicers (beef/calf, pig)
  • Knife hands (beef/calf, pig)

Centauros Flex Service Maastricht BV provides a job with good terms of employment, housing, and pension accrual to its employees.

As an employee, you are covered by the CAO for the Meat Industry, build your pension through VLEP pension fund, and have comfortable accommodation that meets SNF requirements. SNF (Stichting Normering Flexwonen) is a foundation that oversees good, safe, and hygienic accommodation for migrant workers.

When you join us, you will have a seven month contract. Once you’ve demonstrated your suitability for the role, your contract will be extended for a definite or indefinite term.

The advantages of secondment through Centauros Flex Services Maastricht BV

  • Centauros provides good working conditions;
  • Workers are covered by the CAO for the Meat Industry;
  • Solid pension accrual through VLEP Pension Fund;
  • Comfortable accommodation that meets SNF requirements;
  • No additional tax assessments;
  • You are insured directly (through health insurance provider, HollandZorg)

Do you also want more jobsecurity?

For more information, or if you are interested in working for one of our clients, please fill out our open application form.


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