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Frequently asked questions

Which Collective agreement applies to me?

Working for Centauros Flex Services Maastricht BV, the CAO for the meat industry applies to you.


Can I accrue pension with a temporary job?

When you start working for Centauros Flex Services Maastricht BV, we will register you with VLEP pension fund and you will also accrue pension.


Will I immediately be insured when I start working?

Yes, you will immediately be insured. Centauros Flex Services Maastricht BV pays all employer contributions on behalf of the employees. In addition, we register employees with health insurance provider HollandZorg.


Where can I find accommodation and can Centauros Flex Services arrange this for me?

Centauros Flex Services Maastricht BV can house you in comfortable accommodation that meets the SNF requirements.


When will I receive my salary?

Salary is paid every 4 weeks. You will receive an advance on your salary – depending on the number of hours you’ve worked. Once all hours have been finalized, the restsalary will be paid (14 days after paying the advancesalary).


Do I still need to pay taxes on the wages that have already been paid to my account?

No, your wages paid to your account are your net pay. There are no additional tax assessments.


Where and to whom should I report if I'm ill?

If you are ill and cannot work as a result, you should report this on time – at the least before starting your workday. You can report sick leave to your regular contact person at Centauros Flex Services Maastricht BV, and also to your department manager. We will ensure that the Occupational Health and Safety Service is notified. You will then be asked to report to the company doctor. They will review your request for sick leave and work with you so that you can recover as quickly as possible and return to work.


What about holidays and visiting your home country?

As a Centauros Flex Services Maastricht BV employee, you will accrue paid holidays (leave). Holidays (leave) are always taken in consultation with your manager, who will take scheduling and staffing into account when making their decision. You cannot take more holidays (leave days) than you have accumulated.


Will I receive work-related equipment to carry out my tasks?

At the start of your new job, and depending on your position, you receive the equipment you need in order to carry out your tasks properly and responsibly.

On termination of your contract, you must return all equipment. If the equipment is not returned, it will be deducted from your final pay.



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