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Centauros Flex Services Maastricht BV

The founders and also directors of Centauros S.à.r.l., are Messrs Marinho and Henzel. Having started out as meat process workers, they are more familiar than anyone else with all the facets of the trade and the meat processing industry. Since its small beginnings, Centauros S.à.r.l. has grown into a large reputable company, where quality and craftsmanship are central.

Centauros Flex Services Maastricht BV is based in Urmond and is part of the Luxembourg holding Centauros S.à.r.l. In addition to its office in the Netherlands, Centauros S.à.r.l. has branches in Belgium and France.

Our Mission

We specialize in the secondment of skilled workers for the meat processing industry throughout the Netherlands. In doing so, we bring together supply and demand, with an emphasis on well-being and respect. All of our employees from across Europe are carefully chosen for their expertise, motivation, and work ethic.

If you’re looking for workers in the meat processing industry, then look no further than Centauros Flex Services Maastricht BV.


Our Vision

Companies in the meat processing industry need to be agile. To respond to economic fluctuations, having the right workers is critical. Suitable workers in the meat processing industry are highly sought after. Every day we ask ourselves how we can improve the overall process of secondment so that we can make a positive contribution to a company’s continuity. By effectively responding to client demand for workers, we can second the right person who has the right knowledge to the right place.

We provide support for our clients and workers

We are committed to providing the best service to our clients every day. The lines of communication at Centauros Flex Services Maastricht BV are short, meaning that we can act quickly. Our boundless commitment and energy ensures that we deliver qualified workers quickly, enabling you to respond to economic fluctuations in a timely manner. You can rely on our approach, service, and communication.



Centauros Flex Services Maastricht BV
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